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Professional Painting Inside & Out

There is a popular misconception associated with exterior painting projects. Namely, that it requires less precision and care than interior painting. That simply isn’t the case. And while there are a lot of exterior painting contractors Charlotte NC who have adopted this belief, which is not how we operate here at Century Painting. We know that exterior painting requires just as much attention to detail and precision as interior painting. And it is this belief that has endeared us to so many residents and business owners in Charlotte, NC.

You still need clean edging for your soffits and fascia. Your outdoor areas, plants and belongings still need to be protected from errant paint. Precision brush work still needs to be utilized when painting the outside of a house or commercial building. This is the kind of exterior painting services we offer. And we don’t charge more for it either. It is simply how we operate. We are dedicated to doing professional painting work up and down, inside and out.

Put Your Project In Professional Hands

Exterior painting work isn’t always done at ground level so it isn’t always the safest type of project. Rather than risking your own safety, hire us here at Century Painting. We are professional exterior painting contractors and we have all the required safety equipment to handle high-risk jobs. Plus, we are fully insured so you have nothing to worry about when we are on the job site. Your property and your livelihood will be protected when you hire us.

We take safety very seriously. In addition to safety gear and carrying all the necessary insurance, we rigorously train our team members in modern and proven safety practices. We prioritize your safety as well. If you are present while we are painting, we take extra care to make sure that our work does not put you or your property in danger.

Exterior Painting Contractors For All Seasons

No matter when you need an exterior paint project done, we are the contractors to call. We can complete exterior painting projects of any scale including but not limited to:

  • Exterior grocery store painting
  • Exterior apartment complex painting
  • Exterior condo complex painting
  • Exterior medical facility painting
  • Exterior industrial facility painting
  • Parking lot painting
  • Government building exterior painting
  • Exterior strip mall painting
  • Exterior commercial building painting
  • Exterior restaurant painting
  • Exterior office building painting

Our team was hand-selected based on experience, work ethic, work record and skill. And we have an ample crew which means we can complete large projects on time. No matter what your exterior painting needs may be, we can surely meet and exceed them. Contact us today (704) 245-9409 for a project estimate!

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