As if you are planning to paint your property you will be surprised to know that there are two main painting services available. It can be difficult to choose between them because they both are providing the same services with some differences.  Before making a decision it is good to do some research to know what your requirements are and what you to want. A lot of people get confused between commercial painting and residential painting. They wonder what’s the difference between commercial painting and residential painting in Charlotte.

Residential painting:

Residential painting is another term for house painting. They are professionals and expert in painting the interior and exterior of homes improving the condition of the house. They work hard and give the best results when it comes to aesthetics and structure. Residential painters deal with home painting and other living areas. They have experience with materials used in the home such as wood.

Commercial painting:

The commercial painting covers large scale paint projects. Like restaurants, buildings, office, stores and more. They have experience of working with different kind of materials. They have more wide experience than to residential painting with a range of materials including stucco, concrete, metal and all of the typical materials. A commercial painting offers you the following services;

  • Commercial Painting
  • Residential Painting
  • Governmental Painting
  • Home Owners Associations (H.O.A.s) Painting
  • And Other Commercial Painting Services

How big are your project matters to decide between two? Business is often large than homes they need more professionals complex planning and more manpower to finish the work within the deadline. Commercial Painting Charlotte companies have more equipment to deal with the project. They have staff more organized and dedicated to work.

You can trust on Painters in Charlotte for your both residential and commercial painting projects. We have the best team with 20 years of experience painting residential and commercial areas. We paint your project as our own and are determined to give you the best residential an commercial painting Charlotte services.